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Simply put, in the event your website is not mobile ready, you’re not going to rank as well as your competitors, whose web-sites are Mobile Ready in St. Joseph Missouri.

With just under 30% of website traffic originating from mobile devices (and a few sectors seeing a much higher percentage of mobile traffic), making your website mobile-friendly is really a worthwhile effort, and can push you in front of your competitors. The only problem is: how? Where do you get started? What makes a site perfect for mobile devices?

When producing or redesigning an online site, you must also consider creating alternative, mobile-friendly variations of the web site. These versions are not to be confused with native applications that live on your smart phones (the ones you download from app stores). Smart phones all have web browsers and will render your website with varying levels of results. Basically, you must make a list of the devices you are going to support, and design alternative sites to satisfy these multiple targets. Aside from that, the most obvious constraint they all share is the small display size of phone browser windows.

You’re most likely witout a doubt sick to death of reading about designing ‘responsive’ websites for SEO. During the last few years, everybody has gone mobile optimization mad as more people today are accessing the net via mobile devices than any other time.

On April 21st, 2015, Google released what’s being dubbed as ‘Mobilegeddon’. A different algorithm that is set to alter their search engine ranking positions for mobile users based on how responsive your websites are.

Pages are going to be ranked on a page-by-page basis to discover how mobile responsive they may be. Tablet devices aren’t going to be impacted by the modification and Googlebots must be capable to index your CSS and JavaScript files for ones site to be considered responsive.
You might have seen either a slight increase or decrease in website traffic during the last few days because of this, I’m sure We have:

Fortunately, Google provides a few resources readily available to tell you just how they feel about your website. First I suggest you take Google’s Mobile-friendly Test. It will rate your internet site out of a 100 for mobile responsiveness and reveal areas you’ll be able to make improvements to. Since Google’s new update can help determine page responsiveness on a page-by-page basis, I highly recommend running a check on your most viewed webpages to see how they score.
Next is Google’s Webmaster Tools (you will want an account to login). Head over to their Mobile Usability section to determine if your web site has any mobile glitches (or click here).

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