Reputation Marketing

Is Your Online Reputation A Help, Or A Hindrance?

Who would you prefer to do business with? A company with a good reputation, no reputation to speak of, or one with a bad reputation? The answer is obviously the one with a good reputation, right? Well that same answer would apply to your prospective customers. If you’re not managing your reputation online, and cultivating it into a 5-Star reputation, and your competitors, it stands to reason that they’re attracting more new business than you are.

If you have a 5-Star reputation, and a prospective customer contacts you, then you’re more than half-way towards closing the new business. As long as you have the right product, at a price the customer feels is reasonable, then couple this with the fact that the prospective knows you’re a trustworthy business that cares about customer satisfaction, it more than likely means the business is yours.

Our team at Imagination Marketing certainly understands this principle – after all we’re selling you OUR reputation so that you will trust us to help build your brand to get local, national and/or global exposure and recognition.

Don’t just take our word for it though – go online and check out our reputation on various review sites. Look at our  customer testimonials and the results that we’ve obtained for them. Just as we stand behind our reputation we’ll also be sure to build your reputation to reflect your excellence in your field.

And what if your business is new? Don’t worry! We’ve worked with many starter companies to help build their online presence and to build their own 5-Star reputations. As your reputation within your niche gains more prestige, our team at Imagination Marketing will be sure to position you as an emerging company that is doing great things for their customers!

Reputation Marketing

How Can Imagination Marketing Help Build Your Online 5-Star Reputation?

Think of the Internet as being a popularity contest, and your customers as being the judges. The more judges that cast a vote in your favor, the more chance you have as being the most popular business of it’s type in your location. Our team of reputation marketing experts at Imagination Marketing will work with you to get more of your customers’ positive feedback spread around the Internet, and if there is anything negative floating around, while we cannot get it deleted it, we can suppress it so that it is unlikely to be seen.

Want to know more? Then call us at 816-261-9194 or contact us via our Contact Us page, and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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